Destination: Sea Island

This week, golfers on the PGA Tour are competing in the RSM Classic at Sea Island Golf Club, one of North America’s best public golf courses and part of an iconic vacation destination on the Georgia coast. Sea Island is a long narrow barrier island with around 600 private homes and a large resort. Local tourism dates to 1928,… Continue reading Destination: Sea Island

Three new guidebooks to British Columbia

I spent a large chunk of last summer traveling through British Columbia updating my existing guidebooks to Vancouver and British Columbia, as well as expanding the content from existing books to create a new book on Vancouver Island. All three books just arrived at my office and are available at online retailers and bookstores worldwide. Avalon… Continue reading Three new guidebooks to British Columbia

Where Should I go in British Columbia?

British Columbia

I’ve being writing and updating the Moon British Columbia guidebook for almost 20 years, with the most recent edition (10th) being published in spring 2014. In this time, I’ve come to know the province inside out, having traveled through every region for each update, and along the way to almost every town, park, and wilderness area. One… Continue reading Where Should I go in British Columbia?

Where should I go in New Zealand?

New Zealand fur seal

I’ve travelled to New Zealand on assignment at least half a dozen times and authored two books on this unique destination. I’ve just returned from my most recent trip, and continue to find new and wonderful places previously missed. For travellers, a major draw is the number of different landscapes and travel experiences condensed into a relatively small area. It… Continue reading Where should I go in New Zealand?