By 2000, my last name as a domain had been registered (and to this day never used), so I  started looking for a short, memorable domain for my personal website. I went to the local Whyte archives and poured over historic maps, looking for unusual place names that hadn’t been registered as domains. From the is list I made, I checked out the status of each, eventually finding that “heejee” had not been registered.

Heejee is a Stoney word that translates into “First.” Moraine Lake, in Banff National Park, is ringed by ten mountains, officially known as the Valley of the Ten Peaks. From left to right standing on the lakeshore, Heejee is the first of the ten, and so named by early Stoney visitors. Today, the mountain is known as Mount Fay, renamed by mountaineer Charles Fay for himself in 1902.

Of course, the Urban Dictionary has a very different meaning for heejee.


Heejee, seen from along the Moraine Lake access road.