One of the joys of travel is the people you meet on the road, but living in Banff affords us the opportunity to meet interesting people who are visiting our town. Which was the case recently when I struck a conversation downtown with a couple from Florida, Hani and Sarah. Turns out they were on their way to Alaska in a very unique vehicle–a converted bomb squad truck with a Cessna 310 fuselage mounted on the roof. It was something I just had to see firsthand, and I knew our kids wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity either. Hani asked if we’d all like to come up to Tunnel Mountain Campground and take a tour. I went one better, and said, “bring the thing down to our place and come for dinner.” They readily accepted and with an hour, had “Skyhorse” parked out front of our house, much to intrigue of our neighbours. It was a fun night sharing travel stories with Hani, Sarah, and other friends from town who are heading off on their own year-long road trip soon, albeit in a more conventional camper.

You can read more about Hani and Sarah’s adventures here.

Skyhorse in Banff